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Companionship Care at Blue Lily

Companionship care typically involves a social visit, help with shopping, and sometimes cooking and light cleaning. It can start as informally as someone popping in for a cup of tea and a chat – and at Blue Lily Home Care there is no task too small.

With quality companionship services, personalised to your own requirements, you can live an independent life. We outline some of the benefits of Blue Lily companionship care below:

Someone to keep you company

The loss of a loved one, limited mobility or family members who don’t live locally are all hurdles which can often seem difficult to overcome. But a friendly and familiar face can take you out and about, support you around the house or even just sit and have a natter, a cup of tea and a biscuit a couple of times a week to lift a weight from your shoulders.

Getting the to-do list done

Sometimes the things that you used to take for granted can be so difficult to achieve, but with our carers around, you can have support with shopping, dropping things to the post office or picking up your pension. You don’t have to give up your hobbies.

There are a lot of things we like to do that help us feel human and enjoy our lives, and we know that an injury or illness is no reason for these things to stop. Your carer can support with physical activities like going swimming or out for a walk. If you attend social groups, classes or a day centre, he or she can accompany you and offer support while you are there.

Get from A to B

Our reliable carers can either drive you or accompany you on public transport to wherever you need to go, be that to an appointment, day out or social engagement.


Support with house work, meal prep and entertaining guests can all be provided for you by our carers. We know that people feel most comfortable at home, so our carers can provide the support you need while also being a friendly face and someone to chat to.

Finding a companion

Accepting a new person in to your home can be a daunting prospect, but having a regular companion to assist with hobbies, activities and errands means that you can develop new great relationships.

Be in safe hands

Our staff are put through a stringent application and training process to ensure that our team only deliver the best and most personalised care to all our clients. Aside from the physical support provided by our staff, their level of companionship should also not be overlooked. Our rigorous application process and ongoing training ensures that all our employees are not only qualified but also bring a level of compassion and consideration to their role every single day.

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