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Our Team

We are proud of our dedicated and highly trained care specialists, who all undergo training within our in-house facilities. Our staff are compassionate and professional individuals who go above and beyond to make your loved ones feel safe, comfortable, and happy.


Zeba Haq, Director

I come from a background of teaching and working with early years, in total 20 years experience. I have learnt that respect goes a very long way, through understanding different aspects of child psychology and how their complex needs can be best managed.


I have a passion to cater for the needs of the elderly, I find it very important to help the community and support the vulnerable. I develop good working relationships with my clients and carers, liaise with all health care authorities and organisations. I have gained various Care Certificates and undergone mandatory training to understand the nature of the health and social care industry.


I've been engaged as the Director and the Nominated Person for the CQC for the last 4 years for Blue Lily Home Care. My key responsibility is to ensure, manage, and support the staff effectively, making certain all clients are being provided with good quality care and ensuring the growth of Blue Lily Home Care Ltd.


Sarath Peiries, Registered Manager

I am a MBBS qualified Medical Doctor from Sri Lanka with over 20 years of experience who has completed the Masters' in Public Health in 2018, University of Umeå, Sweden. During my medical career I worked as a Senior Surgical House Officer.


I've been proudly contributing to Blue Lily Home Care since 2019 as the Registered Manager.


My key responsibilities are to provide safe and quality care to the clients, oversee the smooth daily running of the company, manage the staff and the budget, payroll and invoicing, support and train the staff, liaise with all health care organisation and authorities, tailor specific person-centred care plans, and expand the growth of Blue Lily Home Care Ltd.


Hadjer Bouanani, Care Coordinator & Trainer

I started as a Care Assistant and grew my career in Health and Social Care since 2016 to what I am now. During my long journey I met a lot of vulnerable, lovely people who taught me that caring is a passion and a love not just a job. Making a difference to someone's life to a better life is a success at the end of my day.


I am not just a qualified and an experienced Carer, Team Leader or Supervisor but, I am also an Engineer of Ecology Vegetal and Environment, specialised in Pathology of all Ecosystems, and I speak three languages. My background knowledge and skills made me a very efficient and caring person who will ensure the well being, safety and best life to people in need. I am committed and follow policies and procedures.

I am now a Care Coordinator and a Trainer with Blue Lily Home Care, a mother of two lovely children, and I am excited to continue to grow in this amazing field.

Want to join our team and help make a difference? Find out more here.

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