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Our Services

From the comfort of your own home

The cost of fully residential care can be very expensive, and this is why specialist Home Care services are often a better and more economical choice.

We understand that no two people are the same and that every individual requires a bespoke level of care. This is why we encourage you to tailor our services to suit you or your loved one’s own specific needs.

With a high degree of skill and compassion, our specialist care team enables adults to:

  • Continue living the life that they want, on their own terms.

  • Remain in the comfort, safety and familiarity of their own homes.

  • Allows the individual to maintain a certain level of independence and privacy without any unnecessary or upsetting disruption.

Personalised Care

Our domiciliary care service can be adapted to suit each individual person and we encourage you to talk to us openly and honestly so that we can match you with the best level of care and service possible.

Help around the home:

  • Shopping services

  • Bathing services

  • Laundry and cleaning services

Live-in Care:

  • 24-hour live-in care

  • Night sitting or sleep-over services

  • Morning or night routine assistance

  • Condition-led care

  • End of life care

Respite Care:

  • Emergency Home Care

  • Hospital discharge service

  • Support for when family members or full-time carers are on holiday

  • Home Care for Christmas and New Year

Help outside the home:

  • Company and help for any excursion, such as a walk, day trip or outing

  • Companionship and assistance for carrying out chores, for example going to the shops or visiting a friend

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